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Father reading to sonsPaternity cases can cause a great deal of tension between parents. This is due to the fact that, until parentage is established, a father will have no rights or obligations when it comes to the child. This means that he will have no right to make decisions or to enjoy visitation. It also means that he will have no obligation to pay child support or to provide health insurance. This can leave both sides frustrated. By establishing parentage, these issues can be resolved. The process of litigating a family law matter can be complicated and it is important to retain an experienced attorney. Aruna Rodrigo is a San Bernardino paternity lawyer who will also assist with the subsequent child custody proceedings. He prides himself on providing quality service and he is ready to assist you. Contact us today.

San Bernardino child custody & support attorney helping to resolve paternity disputes

California is like many states in that it leaves a father without custodial rights or responsibilities until paternity is established. The first step in establishing paternity is to file a Petition with the Court. A hearing will typically be held shortly thereafter. If the parents do not agree as to parentage then the alleged father and the child will take a DNA test. If the test is negative then the case will end. If the test is positive then the Court will typically make a temporary ruling regarding custody, visitation, and support. If the parties do not reach a settlement then a trial will be held and the Court will issue its final orders on all issues. Litigating such matters can involve complicated issues of fact and law. It is strongly suggested that you retain a lawyer to assist you.

Aruna Rodrigo is a San Bernardino child custody attorney who is able to assist with paternity disputes. He will use your initial consultation to help you understand what you should expect from the process and to give you an honest assessment of your situation. Aruna will then quickly file your Petition with the Court. At the initial hearing he will argue for a custody, visitation, and support order which best meets the child’s interests. If a resolution is not reached, and a trial is necessary, then he will use the discovery process to gather evidence related to the other parent’s fitness to raise a child as well as their financial situation. Our office will make sure that your rights are protected as your case moves through the process. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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San Bernardino paternity lawyer staying in regular contact with his clients

If you are dealing with a paternity dispute then you likely already have a great number of frustrations. You do not need the added aggravation of an attorney who fails to stay in communication with you. Aruna makes lawyer-client communication a priority. He will quickly respond to your messages and will send you a summary letter after each hearing. Our firm is built on the idea that everyone is entitled to the highest levels of service and respect. We are honored to serve those in San Bernardino and we bring this approach to each and every case we handle.